Multi-pro has been developed by Resistant to achieve an all-round outstanding performance.

Superior Attributes
  • BBA certified
  • Euroclass A1 non-combustible to EN 13501-1
  • Moisture resistant
  • Mould Resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Score & snap cutting
  • Easy fixing method
  • Environmentally friendly
Key Applications
  • Non-load bearing fire resistant wall partitions
  • Load bearing fire resistant ceiling linings
  • Underside of canopies and porches
  • Lining for walkthroughs & communal areas
  • Retrofit & new build projects
  • Non-combustible boiler backer board
  • Large sheet tile backer
  • Soffit boards & cavity closers
  • Stove surrounds (12mm board)

Multi-pro is a versatile passive fire protection board which will satisfy the needs of many type of projects. As well as being a dynamic board, Multi-pro is also very dimensionally stable and can be used in many forms of construction where plywood is currently used.

Multi-pro has been extensively tested to achieve over 90 minutes fire protection for loaded floors.

It has also been UKAS tested to achieve 60 minutes fire resistance with a single layer of board either side of a steel stud partition.

Multi-pro offers many adaptable solutions to suit a wide range of applications while helping stay within a construction specification & budget. There are countless benefits to using Multi-pro in your project due to its superior attributes.

Density1050 kg/m3
Reaction to FireEuroclass A1 to EN13501-1
Thermal Conductivity0.307 W/mK
Dimensional Tolerance Length & width+/- 2mm
Dimensional Tolerance Thickness+/- 0.2mm
Dimensional Tolerance Edge Straightness1mm per metre
ThicknessLengthWidthWeight per Sheet
  • What boards are recommended for use behind a wood burning stove?

    All 12mm boards across the Resistant range are suitable for use behind a wood burning stove however 12mm Multi-Pro XS or 12mm Multi-rend would be suitable for the most demanding applications as these are the highest performing boards. Please see the ‘Solid Fuel Stove Brochure’ available for download.
  • Can 9 or 12mm Resistant Multi-Pro be used in place of plasterboard?

    Yes. Our boards have far superior properties in comparison with plasterboard such as fire resistance, impact strength, breathability performance and durability to damp.
  • Do Resistant boards require to be primed before applying tile adhesive?

    The requirement for a primer would be detailed by the tile adhesive manufacturer. Resistant boards have been extensively tested with market leading BAL tile adhesives and acrylic primer. During testing, the bond between tile adhesive and Resistant board was significantly strengthened when primer was applied. Tiles should be fixed to the rough side of the boards.
  • Can Resistant boards be painted and plastered?

    Before applying paint or plaster the board requires priming on face and edges with an acrylic-based primer. Please refer to the ‘Primer Information Page’ available for download which details various primers which have been tested for use with the board.
  • Do Resistant boards need to be hard fixed or can they be dot and dabbed?

    Resistant Building Products always recommend mechanically fixing the boards. In-house testing has been carried out using CT1 Grip & Grab adhesive, by fixing our boards back to timber and block, a suitable adhesion was achieved where the adhesive would only be suitable to offer a temporary fix. The adhesive could be used together with screws and nails for an extra strength fix. (Please see our ‘Accessories Information Page’ for more detail). Detailed mechanical fixing guides for all Resistant products are available for download.
  • What fixings do I use?

    For internal use - any standard self-tapping countersunk screws are feasible. These should be readily available from all local merchants. On a full 8’ x 4’ sheet when fixed at 300mm centres vertically and at 600mm centres you will need 27 fixings per sheet. For Multi-pro as a tile backer – stainless steel or minimum 12 micron galvanised fixings should be chosen at all times.
  • How are the boards cut?

    Very easily! By score and snap with a standard craft knife, Stanley blade and can be hand or machine sawn. We would recommend a saw with Tungsten Tipped Carbide blade. A video of the score & snap method can be found here.
  • Are Resistant boards backed by a Guarantee?

    Resistant’s core range of boards are covered by a BBA certificate. This details that Multi-pro is a durable material and should have a life equal to that of the structure they are installed.
  • Can the boards be used in contact with damp and to prevent water ingress?

    No. Resistant boards will not deteriorate when in contact with moisture over prolonged periods but they are not designed to stop water ingress. The boards are breathable and allow the passage of moisture. Resistant boards will absorb moisture in damp conditions and release same when the ambient conditions allow. This process can be repeated continuously.
  • Do all Resistant boards share the same strength properties?

    The boards do not share the same strength properties. Although material composition is very similar, the actual strength is determined by thickness, density and number of layers of alkaline resistant, glass fibre reinforcing mesh within each board. Multi-pro are very strong but only require 2 layers of reinforcing mesh.
  • Will the boards bend to form curves?

    The thinner the board the greater the flexibility. 3mm Multi-pro can be bent to 45 degrees and our 9 & 12mm boards can be curved to an 8m radius when fixed at 300mm centres.
  • Will the board support fittings?

    The boards will support light fittings only such as; toilet roll holders, shower curtain rails, small vanity mirrors, shelves, pictures etc. Appropriate fixings must be used along with rawl plugs. Other large fittings such as grab rails and cabinets must always be fitted into supporting studwork.
  • Do we have a pull-out test for screws?

    A series of our boards have been tested for pull-out strengths with Ejot, Sympafix and Rawlplug fasteners to name a few. These reports are available upon request.

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Multi-pro Fixing Guide


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