Resistant Building Products full product range is hosted on the NBS National BIM Library. There is a total of 5 objects in the library which are Multi-pro, Multi-Pro Tile Backer, Multi-proXS, Multi-rend and Base Board.

What is the NBS National BIM Library?

The fastest-growing BIM library in the UK, with an extensive collection of both generic and manufacturer BIM objects ranging from building fabric systems to mechanical and electrical objects. All our objects meet the requirements of the internationally-recognised NBS BIM Object Standards.

BIM stands for ‘Building Information modelling’ and allows architects and specifiers to include resistant Building Products in the development of their design. BIM objects are presented in a 3D model format and are available to download, free of charge, from the NBS National BIM Library. The objects have been authored by NBS Technical Design experts, with consultation alongside Resistant’s technical team.

The BIM Object Guide can be downloaded here (direct to download).

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