20-20 Fibre Cement T&G Floor Board

For use when the demands for fire risk mitigation mean that wood-based flooring boards simply won't do.

Superior Attributes
  • A1 Non-combustible
  • Weather Durable
  • Tough & Robust
  • Large Sheets for Fast Fit
  • Luxury Feel Underfoot
  • Ready to Tile
Key Applications
  • Timber Frame
  • OSM / Modular / Volumetric
  • Structural Flat Roofing

Resistant 20-20 Fibre Cement T&G Flooring has been developed to design in higher fire protection, shorten project time and improve the overall quality of build. Selecting A1 Non-combustible building materials is a simple way to reduce the fire load of a building and help minimise the potential severity and spread. As well as for floor decks our board is an excellent choice as a structural component of flat roofs.

Density1100-1200 kg/m3
Reaction to FireReaction to Fire Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1
Bending Strength / MOR (wet)>8MPa BS EN 12467
Point Load (mean)>BS EN 1195 see Tech Data page 10 of brochure
Thermal Conductivity at 23ÂșC<0.35 W/m.K
ThicknessLengthWidthWeight per Sheet
  • Are the floor boards compatible with underfloor heating systems?

    We can think of no reason why they wouldn't be absolutely ideal together. However, there is only one 20-20 FCF T&G Board and countless underfloor heating systems so check with your chosen underfloor heating manufacturer and the building designer that the products are compatible.
  • Can the floor boards be left exposed to weather after fitting?

    Yes, for up to 6 months maximum duration. However, best practise is to achieve wind and watertight as early as possible. Please read carefully the fitting guidance section of our brochure.
  • Is glue required when fitting?

    Our boards were strength and stiffness tested fitted with screws only. It is not essential to use glue when fitting but many will choose to screw and glue with a D4 type adhesive applied to the top of the joists and between the T&G. This practise would be expected to enhance the strength and stiffness properties considerably.

2020 FCF Material Safety Data Sheet


FCF Flooring Brochure


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