Tile Backer

FASTER - Lighter to lift and carry / easier to cut and fix than cement-based boards.

SAFER - Free from hazardous crystalline silica released in fine airborne dust by cement-based boards.

Insulated Tile Backer

Insulated Tile Backer Board can be used as a tiling substrate for walls and floors of any kind across many challenging applications. An extruded polystyrene core with a factory applied reinforced coating on both faces the board is water resistant, sound absorbing and compatible with underfloor heating systems. The excellent insulation properties of this type of Tile Backer are in ever increasing demand as we seek efficiency to tackle the ongoing energy crisis.

Every home & commercial building in the UK has at least one bathroom and many of these bathrooms are tiled. Often tiles are applied to low grade gypsum and plywood substrates which are prone to decay when exposed to tiny amounts of moisture. This decay soon manifests as unhealthy and unsightly mould and loose fitting tiles. Professional tilers agree that using high quality tile backer boards will eliminate problems associated with gypsum and wood based substrates leaving tiled areas looking fantastic for the lifetime of a building. Resistant are proud to offer not 1 but 2 amazing Tile Backer Board product solutions.

Resistant Multi-pro is a hard, rigid building board which is dimensionally stable and will not swell, rot or degrade when exposed to moisture. Multi-pro Tile Backer is backed by a 25yr guarantee and BBA Certification to provide full peace of mind.

Resistant are proud to be a main distributor for DeltaBoard Insulated Tile Backer which is a premium quality UK manufactured board with BBA Certification. Like our other Tile Backer this board is also dimensionally stable and will not swell rot or degrade when exposed to moisture. The board can be used anywhere that will receive a tiled finish both internally and externally (such as balcony floors) and really comes into its own when selected for excellent insulating properties and use in tandem with underfloor heating systems to minimise downwards heat loss. As a lining for solid walls and all kinds of floors, the board helps with sound absorption and improves acoustics.

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