Passive Fire Protection

Resistant Building Products offer many passive fire protection solutions for various projects across the industry.

Resistant Building Products offer many passive fire protection solutions for various projects across the industry. Passive Fire Protection is the use of fire resistant materials, such as Resistant’s range of magnesium oxide boards, to contain fires or slow the spread of fires via compartmentation.

What is Fire Resistance?

The fire resistance rating of a construction is the ability of the full assembly to resist a fire. The classified ratings of 30, 60, 90 & 120 minutes are not solely about the performance of a passive fire protection board, but about the performance of the entire assembly. UKAS Fire Resistance Tests are carried out on assemblies such as stud wall partitions which involve many components including timber framework, intumescent sealant, insulation, wall linings (for example Multi-pro) and the fixings, the boards don’t provide fire resistance minutes alone!

What is Reaction to Fire Rating?

The Reaction to Fire Rating of a product is a measure of how the material reacts when exposed to a flame. EN 13501 is the standard to assess materials to different Euroclass Codes. These codes break down performance into categories from A1 Non-combustible through to F (untested).

All Resistant boards have been proven to achieve the highest possible A1 Non-combustible rating.

This is equal to Promat Supalux and exceeds Promat Masterboard, Fermacell and gypsum boards. Flame retardant treated wood based products such as OSB3 may achieve Class B or C while untreated timber based products fall into the bottom categories D & E.

Resistant Fire Resistance Technical Assessment

It is not possible to test for every application and assessments are prepared by our technical department from the extensive range of testing and product information in our possession. Please contact our technical department with your enquiry providing as much specification information as possible including relevant drawings.

Resistant have carried out a wide range of tests on various boards at UKAS accredited test facilities. Tests include 60, 90 & 120 minute loaded and unloaded wall partition tests on both timber and steel frame as well as tests for ceiling lining systems. These tests make use of both the Multi-proXS & standard Multi-pro boards, for full reports please contact our technical department.

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