Resistant Building Products provide highly durable A1 Non-combustible building boards for use as both structural roofing decks and overlay components

Resistant range of A1 Non-combustible flat sheet building boards and tongue & groove floorboards are ideal overlay and structural components of roof build ups. We are Bronze Associate Members of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) an association of 61 specialist contractors committed to providing their contractors right across UK & Ireland with quality craftsmanship, fit for purpose materials and an installation guarantee backed warranty scheme.

Our 20-20 Fibre Cement T&G Floorboard is an A1 Non-combustible, high strength, weather durable, precision milled board available in 19 & 22mm 2400x600mm ideal for structural roof decking when wood based and lesser fire rated building materials simply aren’t up to the task. Available to withstand full exposure for up to 6 months without concern of distortion or degrade this is an amazing deck product for spanning flat roofing timbers. Full Technical Data, Design Info and Fitting Guidance is included in our brochure.

Our 20-20 Fibre Cement Boards available in 9mm & 12mm 2400×1200 flat sheets are incredibly tough and strong, A1 Non-combustible building boards suitable for use as non-structural overlay components of flat roofing and also parapet wall build ups. With high dimensional stability, impressive screw pull out and Category A weather resistance to BS EN 12467 these boards are suitable substrates for all common roof type finishes.

Our extensive range of MgO building boards avail in 6/9/10/12mm thickness consisting of Multi-proXS, Multi-pro, Multi-rend and Base Board have been developed to suit all requirements and budgets. Need a high-performance substrate layer then choose Multi-pro. Don’t be surprised to discover that bending strength of our 12mm Multi-pro is still considerably higher than many other manufacturer’s MgO boards you may encounter, and it is also incredibly dimensionally stable. Require something with even more guts than our 4 layer of reinforcing mesh boards (Multi-proXS and Multi-rend) really raise the ante. Multi-proXS according to BS EN 12467 testing is 100% stronger than other commonly available MgO building boards. Our final offering from the range is Base Board. Developed with no frills and tight project budgets in mind this board is tough as old boots and just like all the other MgO boards in our range is A1 Non-combustible. MgO building boards are generally lighter and much easier to cut than fibre cement type building boards so please keep this in mind when selecting the best type of building board for your intended roofing application. We can offer our range of MgO board types in multiple sheet sizes including 3050/2700/2440/2400 x 1200mm, 1220x1200mm & 1200x800mm. To further aid project scheduling and onsite construction time we can also provide a cut to size service.

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