Case Study

New Build (Semi Detached Houses)

New Build Semi Detached MMC / OSM, Epsom, Surrey. “A plasterboard free house!”

Our Multi-proXS & Multi-pro building boards have been innovatively used on a residential new build project in the lovely and historic market town of Epsom. Located just to the south west of London on the edge of the North Down hills, Epsom offers an easy commute by train to Waterloo. The innovative structure is a hybrid of light gauge steel track and frame combined with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs).

Thanks to the selection of Resistant MgO building boards this is a house with zero plasterboard used anywhere. The end result is a pair of thoroughly modern homes which feature high quality build and excellent thermal performance whilst seamlessly blending in with neighbouring properties.

“I am a time served bricklayer and have been building houses for almost 50 years. I am passionate about building much needed, truly eco homes with a fabric first approach and I believe this is the best building board I have ever seen.”

Peter Fishenden, MD, Satius Ltd.

Key Facts
Project Sector:
Private Residential
Project Value:
Size of Project:
Pair of 3 bed semi-detached
Satius Ltd
Peter Fishenden
Commencement Date:
Spring 2023
Completion Date:
Spring 2024
Resistant Product:

Peter Fishenden designs and builds houses that combine the best of UK offsite manufacturing with highest standard of workmanship onsite and quality control from initial design to project completion. The hybrid of light gauge steel and SIP structure are designed by Peter himself, sent straight to the offsite factory and arrive back onsite, exactly when required, on 2 lorries, all clearly numbered for easy location. The main structure is then quickly erected with no unnecessary disruption to the neighbours.

The PU foam in the SIP is waterproof, the Resistant Multi-proXS skin remains dimensionally stable and retains its strength after wetting / drying cycles and the light gauge steel is galvanised to ensure the typical UK weather does not impact on the building or prevent it from delivering on the impressive design U-values. Peter holds UK & European design right for the way the SIP is manufactured to allow the light gauge steel a thermal overcoat to negate thermal bridging. The external finish is a combination of composite cladding, brick slips and Fassa render applied directly to the Resistant Multi-proXS building board.

Multi-proXS is selected to skin both sides of the SIP panel. XS simply stands for extra strength and is proven for delivering a bending strength which can be up to more than 100% greater than other MgO building boards.

On this project Fassa silicone render has been directly applied but other renders have also been used previously with similarly great results. Internally our standard Multi-pro board was used to line the light gauge steel frame. After priming with an acrylic based dispersion primer the boards are taped and jointed to achieve an exceptional internal finish.

Resistant MgO building boards offer a building board which builds in passive fire protection to the structure of the building. The boards are exceptionally easy to cut by either score & snap method, hand or machine saw. Importantly they don’t contain crystalline silica which is extremely harmful when released as RCS dust from many other building board types.

Externally the finishing coats of render and brick slip are applied directly to the Multi-proXS board and internally the Multi-pro board is quickly screw fixed to the light gauge steel frame.

The dimensional tolerance and QA checks performed both by Resistant in house production team and 3rd party BBA Inspection ensures a consistently accurate product which is very easy to finish and overall with its high impact resistance contributes to a more luxurious feel when compared to plasterboard linings.

This site was created by purchase of land from 2 adjacent gardens to provide much needed additional housing of a type ideal for young families in the desirable commuter town of Epsom. Working with neighbours in close proximity, the innovative combination of OSM and light weight framing required no crane days and minimal noise disruption during the build process.

The creation of 2 new thermally efficient homes fit for the 21st Century on a small gap site in a desirable location is a clear benefit to the community.

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