Posted on 5th August 2020

Resistant and MOBBTA are developing standards for MgO boards

MOBBTA are sponsoring the creation of a PAS for the use of MgO-based building boards in UK construction

Resistant has been working alongside with MOBBTA towards the development of a national standard for the performance specification of MgO-based building boards.

We are currently working with insurers, warranty providers, third-party verifiers, manufacturers, contractors, research labs and academic institutions, towards this goal.

The BSI process restricts circulation of any draft document until the public review stage, which is currently scheduled to be Q3 2020. At this point all MOBBTA members, industry and the public can comment on the recommendations and requirement contained in the draft PAS.

It is scheduled and anticipated that the completed standard will come into operation in Q2 2021.

Resistant have been highly enthused by the response of key customers and stakeholders many of whom have expressed the need for good quality MgO boards in order to meet with the demands of modern methods of construction. It has become clear to MOBBTA and Resistant that the multi-faceted benefits of good quality MgO boards are almost impossible to find in other cement based panel types.

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