Posted on 13th May 2020

MOBBTA Executive Positions Update

MOBBTA (Magnesium Oxide Building Board Trade Association) was formed in 2017 to precisely set and maintain quality standards for boards to be used in UK Construction.

MOBBTA Executive Positions Update

We are excited to announce that Leo Bagnall from Resistant will now chair the MOBBTA Group.

MOBBTA stands for Magnesium Oxide Building Board Trade Association, formed in 2017 to specifically set and maintain quality standards for Magnesium Oxide (MgO) based building boards across UK construction.

MOBBTA are working closely with insurers, warranty providers and third-party verifiers to ensure standards are meet with wide approval across the industry.

  • Dialogue with the main building warranty providers
  • Dialogue with the Agrement (3rd Party Verifiers) Certification bodies
  • Dialogue with associated Construction Trades Associations such as STA
  • Long-term testing MgO board programme with Bangor University -Bio-Composites Centre
  • Development of a BSI PAS standard
  • Encouraging new members to join Mobbta
  • Possible Membership classes
    – Full Membership: MgO board Producers
    – Associated member status: System builders, contractors, re-sellers

Contact for information on how to apply.

The Board wish to express their appreciation to John Taylor of Euroform the immediate past-Chairman, who has carried out the role for the past three and a half years with total dedication and exemplary leadership. We are pleased to note that John is continuing his service to MOBBTA in the senior management role of Technical Director.

For regular updates on Research & Development of MgO boards please follow the link here at: 


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