Posted on 30th November 2020

BSI PAS 670 Update

The ongoing PAS process for Magnesium Oxide building board standards has continued to move forward.It has been given the reference number PAS 670 by British Standards Institute.

MOBBTA in partnership with Resistant are pleased to report that the 5-stage process has now reached the Steering Group stage, and the initiative remains on programme. Final publication anticipated Summer 2021.

5 Stage Process
1) Base Document Draft
2) Base Document BSI-TA Review
3) Steering Group Review
4) Public Consultation & Review Panel
5) Publication


The Steering Group comprises Academics, Insurers, Verifiers and UKAS-approved Inspection bodies, with particular expertise in MgO and other building boards.

The Review Panel includes local authorities, system-builders, users, MMC experts, other Trade Associations and specialist consultants who have relevant experience in both relevant BS EN ISO standards, or the boards in use.

Follow updates on the PAS development here at:

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