Case Study

Luxury Private Build

Our Multi-Rend (MgO based board) has been featured in a luxury building project, completed by local company, EJL Plastering and Rendering based in Portsmouth.

‘We believed Multi-Rend offers a high quality and affordable solution to our project, that saves us time and money.”

Key Facts
Project Sector:
Private Newbuild
Project Value:
Size of Project:
2-storey building
EJL Plastering & Rendering Ltd
M J Pryce Building Contractors Ltd
Commencement Date:
June 2018
Completion Date:
January 2019
Resistant Product:

In June 2018, a £200,000 investment project was commissioned for a private home build, the project was designed as a detached luxury private home. This projected was contracted by M J Pryce Building Contractors Ltd and installed and rendered by EJL Plastering & Rendering Ltd. The build spanned over the summer months and was completed in January 2019.

"The requirements for this project specified specified a thin coat render system to be applied to a timber frame. This made Multi-rend and Parex the perfect choice."

The local stockist for this project was Penlaw used to supply both the Multi-rend boards and the Parex as specified for the job.

Multi-rend was specified and chosen for this project, due to the boards benefits and BBA certification.
The board’s benefits list below enabled money and time to be saved on site.
• BBA certified
• Meets widespread regulations
• Lightweight – Easy to carry on-site without the use of excess machinery
• Easy to fit and fix – easy to erect
• Can be ‘scored and snapped’ for quick cutting to save on time
• Ability to withstand external weather conditions during construction phase
• Perfect finish – could use a colour render finish

Dan Larder, owner of EJL Plaster & Rendering Ltd specifically requested the use of Multi-Rend for its’ ability to be exposed during construction without damaging the integrity of the structure. This is especially useful as the project spanned from the summer months into the new year, remaining resilient throughout various weather conditions during the building process. The Multi-Rend boards were used as the external façade to make up for a thin coat render system. Due to Multi-Rends lightweight sheets and ease of cutting, the boards were more attractive compared to alternative boards. This is especially useful in cutting down time and there was no excess lifting to obtain the required height.

Resistant’s Multi-Rend board utilises the score and snap method with the added benefit of a keyed surface, which greatly speeds up the installation process. In comparison, alternative boards require the use of power tools and specialised cutting blades, which adds to the planning process. Multi-Rend is also moisture resistant and has low moisture and thermal expansion prosperities therefore, the shape, thickness and integrity are unaffected by the exposure to elements. Consequently, the boards were used for an external façade system throughout the project completion without the need for required protection during the construction phase, this had sped up the process of completing the envelope of the building. Showcasing the resilience and quality of the Multi-Rend board.

Contracted as a private home build, this project was specifically tailored to the client. The ability to complete the project in a timely manner on budget with an aesthetic finish is a goal that every developer wishes to achieve.

"Using Multi-Rend building boards for this project kept everything simple and easy, there was no extra tools needed, the boards were also lightweight making it easier to work with."

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