Titanic Building, Belfast

Titanic Building Belfast

Project Description

Titanic Belfast is a visitor attraction and a monument to Belfast’s maritime heritage on the site of the former Harland & Wolff shipyard in the city’s Titanic Quarter where the RMS Titanic was built. The building contains more than 130,000 sq ft of floor space, most of which is occupied by a series of galleries, plus private function rooms and community facilities. Multi-Pro XS board was chosen to prevent the rapid spread of fire through the steel framework behind the prominent copper panelling in the foyer of the Titanic Building Belfast. The bespoke steel framework and copper panelling was designed supplied by EDM Spanwall.


Key Facts

Project Sector: Public
Project Value: £77,000,000
Size of Project: 8-storey building with 130,000 sq ft of space
Client: Belfast City Council
Architect: CivicArts / Eric R. Kuhne & Associates / TODD Architects
Contractor: Harcourt
Commencement Date: May 2009
Completion Date: March 2012
Resistant Product: Multi-Pro XS

Key Information

The Titanic Building Belfast commenced building by May 2009 and finished building by March 2012, with the main architect being Eric Kuhne & Associates. The building cost of the development was £77 million, with the total cost being upwards of £100 million.


The Resistant Multi-Pro XS board matches the specifications from the architect because it has durability and high fire protection offerings and the board also offered a breathable option with very low harmful dusts.

Installation & Use

As the boards are easy to cut by the score and snap method, it meant the installation process was much more efficient compared to using boards which required the use of power tools or specialized cutting blades, especially when it came to working at heights and transporting equipment from ground level to the upper levels of the building. Multi-Pro XS is a Medium Density Magnesium Oxide panel which has been developed to provide the System Build and Off-Site Construction Markets with a new fire rated external wall panel system. Multi-Pro XS is tested to BS EN 594 (Racking), is A1 Non-Combustible, has a low environmental impact and provides a stable substrate to bond various finishes. The Multi-Pro XS was used within the Titanic Building Belfast.

Local Impact

With the construction and the opening of the Titanic Building Belfast, it created 850 jobs for local people. Titanic Belfast generated £105 million in additional tourism spend for the Northern Ireland economy over its first three years, sustaining around 893 jobs each year in the wider economy. 800,000 customers, and have continued to remain highly resilient with 700,000 customers to the galleries, exhibitions and conferences in year three. Building on this success it is Important that there is a joint partnership approach on the vision for the next 10 years that include growing the experience, attracting more visitors, creating more jobs and development of linkages with other visitor attractions within Titanic Quarter and across NI.